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Human Resources


Human Resources

Akkim is aiming to bring its cheerful and happy, participatory employees with ability to serve for the corporate objectives, with ability to take initiatives and responsibilities with high self-confidence and high ethical awareness with ability to improve themselves together under the same corporate roof with the company’s current and future investments in the human resources.

Our Human Resources policy is;

  • Providing employment to personnel who can contribute for our aim to achieve our objectives and who have technical and behavioural competencies appropriate with work framework / job analysis,
  • Providing trainings for our employees regarding the objectives of the company and employees, technical and behavioural competencies, occupational health and safety, environmental and quality awareness,
  • Providing working environments for our employees in where they can be happy, healthy and productive which also provide open and close communications, providing support for personal development in social and cultural areas,
  • Creating team spirit and the ability to move forward towards to mutual objectives,
  • Ensuring that our employees work with the highest productivity and efficiency while being responsive to people, environment, quality and customer satisfaction.
Human Resources