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Our Envıronmental Polıcy


Our Envıronmental Polıcy

Occupational health and safety awareness organization devoted himself to be a high Akkim; of the most valuable internal resources to ensure the safety of employees who work in the field, in production facilities for continuous improvement of health and safety management and control systems have adopted a variety.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

  • Occupational health and safety of our company, and our facility is the primary responsibility of everyone.
  • Laws , legislation, regulations and other employee health and safety responsibilities and powers to fulfill the requirements of all our employees to share,
  • Health and safety of our employees in terms of continuous improvement to be open,
  • Effectively implement OHSAS 18001 standards , occupational health and safety issues to create awareness about personal responsibility,
  • Our production facility hazards likely to detect and identify risks, to reduce the level of danger constantly,