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Occupational Health And Safety


Occupational Health And Safety

Akkim, dedicated to be an enterprise with high awareness of occupational health and safety, embraces various management and auditing systems in order to ensure the safety of its employees which are the most valuable internal assets and resources and to improve and develop health and safety measures and precautions in manufacturing plants and working environments.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy;

  • Occupational health and safety are the top priority responsibility of our Company and everyone in our plants.
  • Distributing the responsibilities and authorizations among our entire employees in order to fulfil the requirements of the applicable laws, regulations and other occupational health and safety provisions,
  • Remaining open and accessible for ‘Continuous Development’ in terms of the health and safety of our employees,
  • Effective implementation of OHSAS 18001 standard, creating and increasing the awareness of individual responsibility regarding the issues such as health and safety of employees,
  • Determining the possible hazards in our manufacturing plant, assessing the risks and decreasing the hazard level continuously,