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About Us


About Us

Akkim Construction Chemicals Inc. is among the world’s leading manufacturers of Adhesives, Polyurethane Adhesive and Assembly Foams, Silicone Sealants and Mastics and Technical Aerosols for industrial and individual use.

Achieving substantial successes with its own brands in countries it operates, Akkim also performs Contracted Special Products Manufacturing for the world’s leading brands.

Akkim, developing and designing chemical products for Construction, Building, Furniture, Automotive, Boats and Yacht maintenance industries, provides its customers to procure most of their needs from a single point through its product variety of more than 450 items. Thus, enabling its customers to have substantial cutbacks on their operation and time costs.

Closely following the international developments by means of its local offices operating in 30 countries, Akkim exercises its fund of know-how and experience acquired from global markets for its customers to seize competitive new opportunities.

Exporting to over 100 countries in 5 continents, Akkim ranks among Turkey’s biggest 500 industrial corporations and sustains this upward trend each year.