R & D

Akkim, perpetually setting the objectives to increase the market share and competitive capacity, embraces research and development activities as the impetus for the manufacturing of products and services beyond the expectations of the customers that they require today and in the future.

Especially in the recent years, Akkim invested heavily in research and development works and is in possession of the largest laboratory in Turkey in the related sector. The Company embodies an extensive R&D staff with various experiences and fund of knowledge in their respected fields.

Akkim, following international developments closely, constitutes cooperation and collaborations with many domestic and foreign universities and institutions to seek the purpose of developing new products.

Akkim has acquired a very strong and extensive know-how by the virtue of investments in R&D and utilizes this fund of knowledge and experiences in accordance with the requests and demands of its customers in a fashion to create a value for them.

Akkim has been implementing the following policies for more innovative and strong Research and Development system.

Our R&D policy: